Ladies and Gentleman, we are here to mourn the passing of Common Sense


I have new neighbours, and I already hate them.

At 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, they decided to turn up the bass and boogie which, of course, is Not A Good Thing when you live in a townhouse with shared walls (the same principle applies in apartment living, of course)...


I went over and rang the doorbell -- no response.

I knocked on the door -- no response.

I beat on the door -- no response.

I pounded on the shared wall -- no response.

I leaned over the wall between our shared decks and tried yelling for them to turn it down -- no response.


I had resigned myself to writing a terse but polite note as my first warning salvo and then escalating as needed, but as I was typing I heard movement on the deck; I ran downstairs and climbed on a deck chair so I could make eye contact and asked him to turn it down; he agreed and did, and my blood pressure started to drop.


Why the hell are people so fucking stupid/insensitive that they don't even consider how things like loud bass will affect others? We had a tester at work this week who cranked up some music at his desk, in the middle of a cube farm, and didn't understand that he shouldn't be doing so -- but what's worse, the fact that he did it or that none of his immediate co-workers said anything about it? I mean, we were on the other side of a wall consisting of offices and we were bothered by it; I can't believe nobody else even said anything!


Am I that much of an old fart that I am in the minority because I believe people should be considerate of each other? Are manners completely dead?


I'm hoping that my neighbour is smart enough to learn from this as I would much rather stay on good terms with him and his wife, and I've had enough of calling the cops on the neighbour on the other side of me, whose trick was getting drunk and playing Celine Dion full blast...we had to call the cops every weekend on both Saturday and Sundays and we even alternated whose turn it was to call ("I called last night, hon, it's your turn tonight.").


I wish we had advanced space travel, because I would love to leave this planet to the jerks, assholes and fucktards that are making my life miserable...or else load them all into a rocket and launch it towards the Sun.