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Today officially opens the Halloween Silly Season in British Columbia

Posted by Office-Bob on 12 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: The Church of Pyro

You know it’s fall in Beautiful British Columbia when:

  • The leaves start turning
  • The rain gets colder
  • The kids start phoning you to ask if you sell fireworks.
  • I don’t know why fireworks at Halloween is such a big thing here, but as it gives me the opportunity to do one of the things I love - putting on displays - I’m not going to argue the point. However, because I’m listed in a number of online fireworks directories I receive the occasional call asking where I’m located and if people can come over to buy fireworks.

    First off, I do not run any sort of retail operation - I place my product order when I’m contracted for a gig and store the materials in a separate warehouse.

    In addition to the fact that I don’t do retail, while I’m not the best at guessing people’s ages it’s usually not hard to tell from someone’s voice if they’re old enough to be purchasing fireworks (there are two types, one of which doesn’t require a Fireworks Supervisor’s license but does require that you be at least 18).

    I’ve already received 2 calls today (one from a kid who, when I told him that he couldn’t buy product unless he was 18, had someone else - only marginally older, judging from the voice - call to inquire about buying), and I expect it to continue through to the 31st.

    While I’m not going to risk legal action by selling fireworks to minors, I’m not a complete ass about it; I give them the name of a distributor I use and remind them of the age requirements. Of course, the distributor I refer them to is really good about checking the ages of people buying from them…

    (insert Evil Grin here)

    …so I’d imagine the kids probably end up buying from one of the local storefronts that open the week before Halloween unless they can get an adult to buy stuff for them.

    I’ve been dealing for years with kids coming up to me while I set up shows to ask if they can buy stuff, but it’s only in the last year that the calls have started coming in. As long as it doesn’t get overwhelming I won’t worry much about it, but if I start getting swamped I may have to set a message on my home and cell phones and deal with things via voicemail.

    I am, however, thinking of making a sign to put up at my show sites that, based on how these conversations uaually go, will say the following:

    Sorry, these aren’t for sale.
    No, these have already been paid for my my client.
    No, I don’t sell fireworks.
    No, and even if I did, you’re underage and I’d be breaking the law.
    I can give you the name of a distibutor, but they’ll be verifying your age anyway.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a show to design and product to order.

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