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Posted by Office-Bob on 05 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: The Church of Pyro

I received word today that a fireworks display I was supposed to do this weekend out in Richmond has been cancelled; apparently they decided they didn’t want to have fireworks.

I’m of two minds about the news. On the one hand I do enjoy putting on a display even though the amount of work involved, both before and after, is a lot…but considering what the weather’s been like lately, the idea of being stuck out in the cold and wet wasn’t all that appealing, especially since I’m heading to Western Winter Blast (a fireworks convention in Arizona) next week and the last thing I need is to come down with yet another cold - I’ve had too many of those recently.

(Yes, I do have rain gear and yes, I do wear it if needed but that doesn’t keep you from getting cold, or even a little bit wet; it just keeps you from getting soaked through.)

Elliot, the guy who books me for most of my shows, has an event going on in Surrey on Friday night and while I can’t help him with that, I did offer my help doing any prep he might need, and I’m also going to loan him my cordless drill as I won’t be needing it this weekend. He told me he might need me to do a run to Purolator on Saturday to pick up some show product that hasn’t arrived yet; things like that are no big deal and I’m happy to do it for him as he’s been very helpful to me in the past with things such as letting me use one of his high-end firing systems for my Halloween school show at no charge.

This cancellation will give me the chance to get a few extra pre-convention errands run that I would have had to try and cram into Sunday afternoon, plus I won’t be spending part of my weekend bent over in the cold rain, lugging a garbage bag and picking up spent fireworks pieces from the Richmond City Hall lawn.

Things like that are worth losing a shooter’s fee for.

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