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An open letter to Randal Bautista

Posted by Office-Bob on 18 May 2008 | Tagged as: Rants

Dear Randal:

I hope you don’t mind my addressing you by your first name - after all, it seems as if I’ve come to know you so very intimately.

The word “intimate” is appropriate seeing as you have been sending me hundreds of e-mails offering me Viagra (50mg x 60 pills) for the past week.

I would be happy to let you know how much I enjoy receiving all of your spam at work where it is being sent to our support e-mail address, but I seriously doubt that the address you include in each message - - is your real address or that Randal Bautista is your real name…plus, I’d be lying if I said I enjoy wasting time deleting your useless garbage .

Before I sign off, I thought that you might like to see how your spam was prioritized in our tracking database:


Funny, yes?

And now, Randal, I’d appreciate it if you’d move on to your next mass mailing victim.

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