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“Benefits of a classical education…”

Posted by Office-Bob on 09 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: General Craziness

(For bonus points and a cookie, which character in what movie said this, and what was he/she referring to?)

My co-workers and I eat lunch together every weekday - it’s a small office and it gives us a chance to do things such as watch interviews with interface design specialists (which is more interesting than it sounds) or just talk about various things. One of the things we’ll often talk about is movies and while I may be the “old man” of the group, most of us are experienced enough in the older “classics” to have some interesting discussions.

I say “most” because one of my co-workers, T, may have been brought up by wolves - he has managed to make it this far in life without seeing, or even being aware of, a number of movies that the rest of us take for granted.

To that end I am taking it upon myself to expand his knowledge by digging into my DVD library and loaning him movies that I think will help him in future discussions. The process is going to take some time but T does like watching movies so it’s not as if I’m trying to force them on him. If he watches something and doesn’t like it that’s fine with me - my tastes are certainly not for everyone, as E can attest (Hey, I wasn’t all that fond of ANKLE BITERS either) but if it helps him to not look so confused when someone says, “Klaatu barada nikto” at the lunch table, I’ll be content.

Here are the movies I’ve started him out with:

FAHRENHEIT 451 (dystopian future, and there will be a quiz regarding the opening credit sequence)

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (end-of-the-world)

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (Cold War/Red Menace, plus I want him to see this before he’s exposed to the potentially dreadful remake coming later this year)

FORBIDDEN PLANET (adaptation of famous literary works into a sci-fi context)

I have started a list of other movies in my collection to use but these 4 are, I think, a good start.

An unexpected benefit to this exercise is that I’m reminded that there are movies I should buy for my own pleasure - for example, THEM! is a good example of the “giant insect” genre but I have never gotten around to buying a copy…something I’ll have to correct soon. Now that a decent version of the original GODZILLA is available, I want to get that as well because let’s face it, you gotta have a few rubber-suit monsters destroying Japan in your movie collection (and I already have Mothra).

I’m still trying to decide when I’m going to make him watch NIGHT OF THE LEPUS.

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