Monday, June 15th, 2009

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Return of the Stoupie, this time enriched with “WTF?”

Posted by Office-Bob on 15 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: General Craziness

As you’ll recall from our previous episode, I was getting irate calls from Crazy Missouri Woman who was convinced that I’d been calling her and hanging up. I flagged her number with a specific ringtone and added her to my “special” contact list so I’d know when she was calling. Last week she called a couple of times but I didn’t answer, and she didn’t leave any new rants on my voicemail.

Well, she just called again.

I’d decided that the next time she called I’d answer, if for no other reason that to make her pay long distance charges. I picked up the call and readied myself for some ranting and raving, only to be subjected to the most awful, hideous, totally polite phone call I’d ever received.


I said hello and she asked me if my number was for a residence. I told her that she was calling a cellphone and she said she’d been trying to track down who was prank-calling her; when I told her I was in Canada she sounded genuinely shocked. I then told her that I had no idea why her call display was showing my number when she was sure the calls were coming from Florida (I have no idea why she was sure of that, unless it was because the person she suspected of making the calls lived there) but that I was not calling her. She said that she was calling the numbers back to confirm them and was then going to forward everything to the Missouri Attorney General. I told her that if they wanted my cellphone records they could subpoena them and that I wished her luck in her efforts, at which point she thanked me and when I told her to have a nice day she said, “You too, sweetheart” and hung up.

Ooooooookay…let’s recap:

Originally she called to scream at me, accuse me of prank-calling her and call me a liar when I denied it, and she left 2 voicemails calling me a bitch and saying she’d reported “me” to the state AG. This time she was polite, willing to listen and (apparently) believe me when I told her that I wasn’t the person calling her, and that was that. Oh, and apparently she hadn’t contacted the AG’s office yet, despite what she’d said 2 weekends ago.

I can think of a few reasons why this occurred, but as I am not any sort of therapist or substance abuse professional (either for use or treatment) I won’t list the possibilities; I’m sure y’all can come up with them on your own.

If she calls again, and if she’s nice again, I will have to try very hard not to say, “You know, I think I liked you better when you were screaming at me…it made for better press.”

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