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VISU…it’s everywhere you don’t want it to be

Posted by Office-Bob on 09 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: The Church of Pyro

Last Friday, I received an email from one of my pyro contacts that began:

As you know, you will be working with us on the Games in February

Truth be told, I didn’t know this for sure. Don’t get me wrong; I was certainly hoping to be working with this particular group as it meant that I’d be involved with the opening, closing and victory ceremonies (I’m okay with doing nightly barge shows over the course of the Games, but I’ve done plenty of barge shows already and it would be good to allow others to work those shows so they can get their barge endorsement), but up to this point I only knew I’d be working the Games in some capacity. Still, even though I don’t have all of the details yet, including dates - which would be nice to know ASAP so I can book time off from my day job - this is better than nothing.

Included in the email was a copy of the information sheet for the Olympic accreditation process which set out what I had to provide in order that the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit, aka VISU, could run a security check on me which, if I passed, would get me a lovely card to be worn around my neck at all times to ensure that I was allowed access to wherever I need to be. Despite the fact that the information sheet was 5 pages long, most of it was an explanation of the process; the relevant parts consisted of one page detailing what sort of ID was acceptable (passport, driver’s license, etc.) and the information that was to be supplied (name, birthdate, current address, blah blah securitycakes) and another page showing examples of acceptable and non-acceptable photos - that’s right, folks, one month after getting new pictures taken for my indoor pyro license renewal it’s time for another edition of…


Since I had to provide the information, including a digital copy of the photo, no later than 9 am the following Monday, this meant a weekend trip to the mall. One of my co-workers said that London Drugs could provide me with a digital copy of the photo so I decided to go there instead of the usual place I have my passport/pyro photos taken.

Sure enough, London Drugs was happy to provide me with a digital copy of the photo at no cost - although, after seeing that the digital copy consisted of scanning the photo and uploading it to their website, I realized I could have done the scanning part at home and saved some time. Still, it cost me nothing so it really doesn’t matter in the long run.

I sent off the info and photo on Saturday and now it’s just a matter of waiting until I find out if I passed or failed the security check and, if I pass, going to the accreditation office to pick up my card. Once I have the card I’ll show you what it looks like but for now, I will leave you with a shot of my ugly mug as taken last weekend.

No, I will not be paying for your therapy.

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