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“Good News, everyone! I didn’t unravel the very fabric of the Universe!”

Posted by Office-Bob on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: General Craziness

Up here in Soviet Canuckistan where, thanks to genetic manipulation, the beavers are so large that they can peek over the tops of porta-potties, there’s been a lot of discussion over whether or not Rogers, the first company to carry the iPhone, was going to allow users to share their 6GB/month data plan with their iPad. Rogers has yet to commit one way or the other and says they’re looking into it – but it’s my opinion that if they haven’t said yes or no by now they’re just too chicken to come right out and admit publicly that it’s not going to happen – which has caused a lot of people to cancel plans to buy an iPad 3G.

Well, Canadian iPhone users, I’m happy to announce that after some careful thought and experimentation, I HAVE DISCOVERED A WAY TO SHARE AN IPHONE DATA PLAN WITH AN IPAD, AND IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE THE 3G MODEL!

I know, this is startling news and I wouldn’t say it unless I had performed the experiments and seen the results with my own eyes. While I could keep the process to myself, or even sell it for obscene amounts of money, the truth deserves to be made public - so for the first time ever, I’m going to tell you how to tether your iPhone to your iPad and share your data bucket between them!*

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An iPhone that is capable of tethering, and has a data plan
  • An Apple dock connector to USB cable
  • An AirPort-capable Macintosh computer
  • An iPad (either version)

  • To set up tethering:

    1) Connect the iPhone to the Macintosh with the USB cable.
    2) On the iPhone,go into Settings/General/Network/Internet Tethering and turn it on; if presented with the option of Bluetooth r USB, select USB.
    3) On the Mac, go into System Preferences and select Sharing.
    4) Select Internet Sharing, set it t hare the connection from “iPhone USB” in the pulldown menu, and check the box for AirPort in the “To computers using:” section.
    5) Turn on Internet Sharing, and SUCCESS:

    Isn’t it amazing? Now even iPad Wi-Fi owners, who couldn’t dream of having unfettered access, can roam at will as they consume data wherever they choose! They can be the envy of all those around them as they thumb their noses at cell providers like Rogers who won’t let them share a data bucket between two devices! And to think, it’s as easy as using AirPort to connect your iPad to your laptop…

    …which you have tethered to your iPhone…

    …which means you are already online and…

    …don’t need the iPad…

    Well, drat.

    I guess it’s a good thing the printer hasn’t yet started working on that order of glossy, 4-colour brochures I placed this morning. Well, since you’re here, I suppose you may as well watch a video of one of our giant beavers.

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    Ticketmaster Giveth and Ticketmaster Taketh Away…but at least the nachos were good

    Posted by Office-Bob on 15 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: General Craziness

    I drove down to Seattle on Friday, June 11, for a live showing of Cinematic Titanic and while the end result was successful, it wasn’t without some difficulty along the way.

    The first bit of trouble was when I first placed my ticket order. The purchase link on the venue’s website wasn’t the right one (there were two shows that night and I wanted the 9:30 PM show but I accidentally clicked the link for the 6:00 PM show). This was completely my fault, compounded by the fact that I didn’t notice until I’d completed the ticket purchase.

    Cue a moment of panic.

    Fortunately, Ticketmaster was willing to credit my purchase, something they won’t usually do, because I’d called them immediately after noticing my mistake. There are a lot of reasons that TM is towards the top of my hate list but when the chips were down and I screwed up, they came through and for that I do thank them.

    I went ahead and bought new tickets, making sure that this time I was ordering the right ones, and I thought all was in order – however, it would turn out that I was wrong again.

    When I placed the order I’d requested the tickets be mailed to me because it was one of the few free delivery options available to me (one of the reasons I don’t like TM that much is because of all the nickel-and-dime charges they add to the transaction price), and I thought I had plenty of time for the tickets to be delivered…but that was my second mistake. Time passed, but the tickets never arrived.

    The day before the show I still hadn’t received the tickets so I called TM customer service and filed a “lost ticket” claim; I was told that the claim would be on file at the venue so as long as I had my ID and the credit card I bought the tickets with, I’d be good. Just to be on the safe side I made sure to take a copy of the custserv phone number with me as I knew they would be open until 9 PM and with a show starting at 9:30, I’d have time to call and get things sorted out if the box office didn’t have a record of my tickets.

    It turns out that my plan would be thwarted by a small detail – namely, that the 9:30 ticket price as listed on the venue’s website wasn’t the showtime, but instead was when the box office opened. It could have gotten ugly but, fortunately for us, once we made it to Will Call the ticket claim was on record and we were able to get in - no phone call was required.

    Enough about tickets; now I’d like to tell you about how the venue handles their box office because in my opinion, it’s very well done.

    Showbox at the Market has a lounge called the Green Room where, if you’re attending a show, you can enjoy drinks and food while waiting for the box office to open. In order to keep crowds from getting unruly each person is given a numbered card representing a group ranging in size from 10 to 20 people. When the box office opens the first group is called in, once they’re lined up and being handled the second group is called, and so on. I think this system is great as it allows you to enjoy yourself before the show without having to worry about standing in line, people cutting in, and so on. We arrived in Seattle around 8:00 PM which gave us time to relax, have a couple of beers and get something to eat (mmm, nachos).

    The venue is general seating and for an event like a movie viewing, coming in late can mean you’re stuck on the floor in folding chairs on the dance floor with no slope to allow you to see over the heads of the people in front of you – we were lucky enough to find seats in the back, where there’s balcony-style seating, with minimal sightline interruptions.

    The show itself? As with all Cinematic Titanic shows, the movie was terrible but the riffing made up for it…I do wish, however, that Frank would get a new warmup bit as I’ve now heard “Convoluted Man” twice and that’s really one time too many…as Manuel Garcia O’Kelly Davis would say, it’s a “funny once.”

    Since the show didn’t start until 10:30 it made for a very late night and we didn’t get home until around 3 am on Saturday, but it was worth it to see live movie riffing. I heartily recommend you attend a CT Live! performance if you can…and if it’s at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle, try the fully-loaded nachos in the Green Room.

    CODA: Guess what arrived in Monday’s mail? My “lost” tickets.

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