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Foam, foam and deranged…

Posted by Office-Bob on 23 May 2012 | Tagged as: The Church of Pyro

Here we are, already most of the way through May, and I’ve once again been remiss in keeping you all up-to-date on my amazing exploits - because y’all live for this stuff, amirite*? Okay, here’s the recap:

- Attended Western Winter Blast again. This year I got to see an oxygen lance in action, up close and personal. Boy, those suckers can burn through rock like nobody’s business. I also managed to get some good wide-angle footage of this year’s public display.

- Did a small show for the World Model UN conference in Vancouver; that one was interesting because we had 5 large 2-driver wheels, and one of them had been put together wrong…the drivers were both pointing in the same direction, which means the wheel wouldn’t have spun. Fortunately I spotted it before the show and we were able to move it into the correct orientation.

- My reality TV debut occurred in May with a show I did last September being included as part of an episode of PYROS. Fortunately there was enough going on elsewhere that my segment was limited to the first 10 minutes and, as a result, I didn’t come off looking too bad at all.

- Rammstein played Rogers Arena recently, and I was the “local license”…I wondered about having an industrial metal band doing a show on Mother’s Day, but the place was packed so I guess they know best. I managed to survive being up front, just outside of the barricades, and while I’m not a fan of that sort of music I have to say the pyro was FANTASTIC - so much so that I didn’t even mind getting sprayed with foam (If you know the group you’ll know which song I’m talking about, and if you don’t you may not want to know). This was also the first time I’d used my new set of custom-fit ear plugs and they did a great job of saving my hearing.

- I have a show in Victoria the first weekend in June, don’t know anything else about that right now.

- I’ve volunteered to crew a show down in Marysville, WA on the June 23rd weekend; since I now have my PGI certification I want to get additional experience working on US shows.

- I’m booked for Canada Day (was booked last July, actually) but still don’t know what show I’m working on - I hope it’s a barge show, but I’ll find out eventually.

- As expected, I’ll be working Celebration of Light again. This will be my 13th year…good thing I’m not superstitious!

After CoL I don’t have anything planned until Halloween, and this year’s show should be fun as I’m upgrading my firing system to include a scriptable remote…I’ll be able to program my show and have it fire without needing to stare at a stopwatch and press buttons.

*Gotta watch out for autocorrects - I almost asked, “emirate?”

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