I guess it has been a while since I’ve written anything. It’s easy to let things slide, and for that I offer my abject apologies.

In the hope of making it up to you, today we’re gonna watch some movies. Put away your textbooks, it’s time to let the A/V dorks run the projector.

First, here’s video from a car gag I did a few weeks ago. It was nothing much - just some medium “robotics,” aka spark-producing devices, and a smoke machine - but I hope you like it.

Car Robotics from Office Bob on Vimeo.

(I told you it wasn’t much)

Next up are a couple of videos I took at Western Winter Blast, the annual convention of the Western Pyrotechnic Association. I missed going last year because of the Olympics, so I really enjoyed being able to spend a week in Nevada and Arizona where the weather was warmer and (mostly) drier than in Vancouver - there was some rain on the weekend but it stopped well before the big public display on Saturday.

Both videos are of anvil shooting and while the first anvil was hand-fired with a fuse, it should be pretty obvious why the second anvil was fired electrically:

Anvil Launch from Office Bob on Vimeo.

High altitude Anvil Launch from Office Bob on Vimeo.

(Sorry about the noise; it was windy that day and my phone doesn’t have a wind sock)

That concludes the entertainment portion of the evening. Next time, I plan on giving you a review of one of my latest soundtrack purchases: SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO.

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