Norwescon 43 has officially been cancelled; memberships are being rolled over to next year so I’m not out anything there, and the hotel will be refunding first night deposits (though I will be checking my CC statement in advance of Hilton’s COVID-19 cancellation policy deadlines just to be safe).

On the one hand I’m sad that it was cancelled, but I was already hoping it would be as I was trying to balance the risks of attending a large gathering with spending Easter with my parents, both of whom are in their 80s - plus my father has respiratory issues which would put him even more at risk - and now the decision has been made for me, so that’s one less stress factor that I have to deal with, which is a good thing since the production I was working on recently has taken a short (I hope) hiatus from filming because one of the main actors may have been exposed to the virus.

As a side note, a number of NY-based shows have halted production (maybe some LA-based as well, I dunno), and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t happen up here, so time will tell how much of the entertainment industry is affected. I’m also wondering if this will impact Canada Day and Celebration of Light or if they are far enough in the future that any bans on large gatherings should have since passed - fireworks displays require long-term planning, though, and between the issues with Chinese fireworks production and then adding shipping times into the mix, the PTBs may be running out of time to make the call on those events.

Oh well, I’m alive, relatively healthy and I have sufficient TP, flushable wipes, Coke Zero and coffee that I’m in good shape should self-quarantine be required…

Just don’t fuck with my internet or I’mma cut someone.

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