I am sitting at gate C1 in the Portland International Airport (PDX for those who care, and PDX for those who don’t care), waiting until my connecting flight to Vegas is ready to depart - which, if the schedule is adhered to, will be in about 90 minutes.

It’s trips like these that make me wonder why international travellers are supposed to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure to ensure clearing Customs and Immigration…I can see the need during “normal” hours, but even with the large number of people being run through the system at 5 am I was through Customs and the security check in 30 minutes.

I also wonder why some airports (MSP and COS, for example) will make you remove your belt and shoes but YVR doesn’t require you to remove your belt. Oh well, if us mere mortals understood the thought processes (or what passes for thought) of the TSA, it would very likely result in a massive increase in belt-related security incidents.

This trip is the first time I’ve flown since I purchased my Philips SHN060 noise-cancelling earbuds and I’m quite pleased with the results - the YVR to PDX leg of my trip is on a DeHavilland Q200 prop-driven commuter plane the the noise-cancelling system took the cabin noise down a decent amount…I look forward to finding out how well they work on a jet.

I’d also like to give kudos to PDX for providing free wireless access, which is how I’m able to post this entry while I wait for my next flight.

The flight to Vegas (aka LAS) will take about 2 hours, and then there’s another couple of hours that I’ll spend driving to Lake Havasu…considering that I got no sleep last night and only dozed a little bit while waiting for the first flight, I don’t anticipate any problems falling asleep tonight.

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