Since most of the fireworks these days come from overseas, especially China, I always enjoy seeing the new labels and/or misspellings on the products I order.

I’d like to start by presenting a multi-shot cake called Anti-Terrorist Fighters:

Unfortunately, the guy on the side of the cake looks nothing like Jack Bauer:

(I know they misspelled “Terrorist,” but pointing that out is just too easy)

Next, we have a charming little cake called Sizzling Sparkler:

The description on the side, unfortunately, doesn’t really make me want to light the fuse:

I’m thinking this is a really bad translation of “projète,” but I could be wrong…at least “mortar” was misspelled in both official Canadian languages!

I’ll end this post with an example of good (left) and bad (right) labelling, side-by-side:

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