Since I have some breathing room between Canada Day and Celebration of Light, I thought I’d take time to post some pictures and video of my Canada Day show.

For the third year in a row we had two barges - one in Vancouver, the other in West Vancouver - firing simultaneously which involved using iPods to run music and a total of 59 cues fired “by hand,” which means that one person on each barge was listening to the cues and pressing the buttons when required. I fired the West Vancouver show.

First, some pics of the barge before the show (click on each image to see the larger version):

After we finished setting up, I mounted a small video camera on a railing so I could get footage of what a show looks like while it’s being fired; there’s lots of video of the fireworks themselves but I thought people might like to see what it’s like when the shells are being launched.

Once everything was set up and we were towed into place, there was nothing to do except look at the scenery:

If you click here you can watch the video (31MB, approx. 20 minutes) of our show…and if you listen closely at the beginning you can hear the first audio cue.

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