Sometimes the traffic is with me and I’ll arrive at the office before anyone else does; this means I make the first pot of coffee.

I really don’t mind doing this - in fact I enjoy it because it allows me to ensure I get a fresh cup, which is something that doesn’t always happen if you’re not one of the first people in the office.

As I was waiting for the coffee, I unloaded the dishwasher in the breakroom. I could say that I was doing this to be a good corporate citizen but, if truth be told, the main reason for doing this was to make sure I was there when the coffee was ready. Have you ever started a pot of coffee and left the kitchen, only to be distracted and come back after everyone else has grabbed coffee? It’s even worse if the person who took the last cup is one of those bastards who doesn’t make a fresh pot (one of the many who will be brought to justice when I become Emperor of the World).

As I unloaded the dishwasher and put stuff away, my mind wandered in various directions:

  • Need to do a “beauty pass” on our website using IE
  • Forgetting your gym clothes this morning was stupid, but since fencing starts gain tonight you’ll likely be sore enough tomorrow that you’ll be glad you didn’t work out today
  • I wonder how long this nice weather is going to last?
  • How much longer before the coffee is ready?
  • What should I have for lunch?
  • You know, the deep thoughts.

    Eventually, the dishwasher was emptied and refilled with the dishes left in the sink overnight (hey, if you’re gonna do dishwasher duty you owe it to people to go all the way) and the coffee was done. I filled my mug and headed back to my desk for the thrills and excitement of eating a breakfast burrito and drinking coffee while watching MSNBC Countdown, slowing easing myself into the work day.

    Hey, it keeps me off the streets.

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