Summer is over and with it, the busiest part of the pyro season has come and gone. Canada Day and Celebration of Light may not seem like much - after all, it’s only two shows - but even a relatively small show like Canada Day takes days to set up and tear down, and CoL is actually 4 very big shows compressed into a 2 1/2 week period.

I was also involved with the Canadian Country Music Association Awards which were televised live from GM Place; there wasn’t a lot of pyro and it was only during the opening number but ah, the joys of live television!

Anyway, now that Fall has arrived I can start working on my Halloween show - I received confirmation that my budget is in place and is the same as last year, which means that barring any last-minute price increases I should be able to put together the show I was hoping to do. Burnaby residents, you have been warned.

I could be doing two Halloween shows this year, since my regular school show is going to be on the 30th - they’re already hosting a party that night and asked if I’d be willing to shoot on the 30th instead of the 31st, so I’ve been putting out feelers for the possibility of doing something on the 31st. If I get a show that’s great, but if not I’ve offered to assist a friend with his Halloween show that night. Either way, I get to blow stuff up and it saves me from having to stay home and deal with trick or treaters (more candy for me!).

I’m hoping that by late November I’ll have confirmation as to whether or not I’ll have any Olympic gigs - the odds are good but you can’t depend on anything until the contracts are awarded and the papers signed. If I am working the Olympics it means I’ll have to pass on next year’s Western Winter Blast, but something like the Olympics doesn’t come along that often so if there’s pyro work for me, I’m going to take it.

I also won’t know for a while if I have a New Year’s Eve show this year but I should be able to pick up a show someplace else if I like, or I could stay home like I did last NYE - staying indoors where it was dry and warm, and being able to drink, wasn’t such a bad change of pace.

Oh well, can’t worry about that now; I have music cues to work out and fireworks to order.

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