I seem to recall saying something to the effect that once I finished with Celebration of Light, things would be fairly quiet until Halloween and (possibly) New Year’s Eve. Well, that seems to have gone the way of the passenger pigeon. Things have been picking up recently, to wit:

  • Canadian Country Music Awards in September
  • Recognition dinner at UBC next week (the day after Thanksgiving, thank dog it’s a small show with minimal prep)
  • My school Halloween show (which is actually going to be held on the 30th in order to coincide with an already-planned event)
  • And now…

    A few days ago I received an email from a fellow pyro who’d been talking to a fireworks company who was looking for licensed shooters; he told them about me and suggested I contact them. I did, and even though I’m only available on the 31st for any Halloween shows they might have I was immediately told to consider myself booked for the 31st, details forthcoming.

    I certainly wasn’t expecting to have 2 back-to-back shows but overall it’s a good thing; even though I might only be crew for the second show it’s always a good idea to keep your name out there, especially when it’s with a new company which increases your chances of getting extra work. Who knows, perhaps I’ll have two New Year’s Eve shows to choose from this year?

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