So, you want to know where the name of this site came from, hmmm...?

Well, it's like this:


1) A few years back there was a Molson beer commercial that poked fun at the fact that Americans seem to believe that all Canadians know each other; the ad showed a woman asking a man if he knew "Glen" who worked in an office, to which he replied," Oh yeah, Office-Glen? He's dead..." Of course, I knew that I'd better change the name to avoid a lawsuit, which brings us to...


2a) The name "Bob" has a proud history of abuse -- in tech support circles, those hapless souls who have to cheerfully put up with all sorts of lusers are often referred to as "Bobs."

2b) In the MARATHON games from Bungie, the colonists who were only there to provide target practice for human and alien alike were also known as "Bobs."


Put these together, and Office-Bob was born. I like to think of OB as some poor schlub plugging away in a thankless job; sort of like Dilbert, only not as famous.